Gisborne Steam Park

  ath Junior Train Controller

Hi all,

Just wondering if this track was still in use. I know they had their annual steam festival recently, but the 7.25 inch track shows no visible signs of use from the day. Does anyone have any info?


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  HardWorkingMan Chief Commissioner

Location: Echuca
yes the track is still used.  The problem was the rally committee selected a date then found a lot of their members who run the steam stuff and miniature railway were out of the country at that time so they were short of people to run the event and the train wasn't run.
  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
2020 update from a moderator:
The President of the Gisborne Vintage Machinery Society wishes to advise all  that the ralway it is very much in use now and the railway runs every first Sunday of the month 11am-3pm Webb Crescent New Gisborne and it's a really good little railway!  

Cheers! Arthur.
  Quambatook Junior Train Controller

They also have a great HO layout on display on the open day. It represents a mixture of Tailem Bend and Murray Bridge and they typically run SA and VR consists.

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