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Hi everyone,

As a result of the discussion on image resizing, I've created a new BBCode tag that handles image resizing for you.

If you have a picture larger than 640 pixels wide, instead of using the [img][/img] tags to add an image to a forum post, use [bigimg][/bigimg] instead. Alternatively, you can use the "Big Images" button in the Reply page.

If you don't know how wide your picture is, use the [bigimg][/bigimg] tag anyway.

This saves everyone from having to scroll horizontally and it reduces load times for pages (as the browser doesn't have to download a ginormous image).

So that everyone can still view the full-sized copy, it wraps the image around a [url][/url] tag which then opens in a new window.

Now that this tag is available, there should be no excuse for people adding ginormous images to forum posts. You have been verbally warned, and you will recieve a warning increase if you fail to use this tag.

Please direct any comments/criticisms to this thread.

Michael Smile

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