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  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
Hello everyone,

our member 409 has asked the question about nominating video's in the Best Photographer

Can we include videos in the photography section this year? If so, I nominate rocket for his constant videos 'from the office'. Something that most railfans (especially in this day and age) rarely if ever get to experience.

My feeling is that video of railway activity and linking to Youtube is a growing trend.

There could be a lot of video of particular events. Last Steam on Broad Gauge comes to mine, along with the Spirit of Progress re-enactment.

I think we can put it to the poll, "Should there be a separate Bogie for Video's?"

I'll throw this open for discussion.

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  Gwiwer Rt Hon Gentleman and Ghost of Oliver Bulleid

Location: Loitering in darkest Somewhere
As with still photographs there would need to be some assertion of ownership of the item.

I have no strong feelings as to whether or not a separate Bogie is warranted at this stage for moving pictures compared with still ones.  The skills required to produce outstanding results are similar (though not quite identical) and we do see an increasing number of video clips posted.

Yet a significant number of clips are simply posted as "I found this ....." or "Here is an example ....." with the poster not the creator of the work.

Perhaps as the trend grows and we see both more video clips and hopefully a vast improvement on the normal YouTube-type quality posted all too often (which is a limitation of that site as host and not necessarily a reflection of the quality of the original work) then we might need to consider separate categories just to deal with the volume of material.
  alstom_888m Chief Commissioner

I think a video is warranted, but inclusion is subject to weather the videographer is credited and verified to some degree. The bogie should go to the videographer and not the poster. It should be rail related only.
  wongm GEEWONG

Location: Geelong, Victoria
The skills for video footage are different to stills - the whole smoothly panning action is one I have yet to master. I go along with alstom_888m thinking as well.
  Maikha Moderator Not a gunzel

I personally, feel a separate category is warranted for Videographers. I've come across many videos which have had the time and effort put in for editing, and that being both a stills photographer and videographer myself, I feel the two are completely separate mediums in their own right.
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
[edit]Poll closed;
Results were 9 for, 2 against.
the AYES have it, we now have a new bogie for Best Video. I will now turn this thread into the Best Video Bogie Nominations[/edit]

Discussion about this bogie closes at this post.

Nominations for videos taken in  the period September 2007-September 2008 are now open!

I think the best way to handle this is to

~ link to the post which has the video, and
~ give the name of the fellow who took the video.  

You may have to PM the poster to get the videographer's name.
  409 Minister for Railways

Mind if I toot my own horn here? I've jammed my name at the end of all of these so there is no need to ask.

SA Gunzel Diary's 2, 5, 10

  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
In the normal course of circumstances, it is considered poor form to nominate yourself for a Bogie.  Bogies are principally peer-evaluation.

However, in this particular field of gunzel endeavour,  I suppose it is appropriate  to either post or link to a video you are nominating.  

Because this is the first time, we'll allow this,  and any others who wish to be considered for this Bogie may post or link to their videos in this thread.   Mr. Green
  Sydney_Gunzel Chief Commissioner

Location: The Red Lines.
I might do the same;

A group of Railpagers on a bus...
  squeekazoid Chief Commissioner

Location: Plympton
I thought id enter a few of my best filmings 8)

My first entry is 1R82 Grain chase to Tailem Bend And Back. With 2216/2207/705/2214/CLP17 In Charge.

My second entry is 1MP5 With 8 locos Leaving Belair Loop. With NR2/NR17/NR30/NR76/NR73/C501/DL47/DL43 In Charge.

My third entry is when the VLs did there test run through the adelaide hills. With VL351/2207/CLF/CLP14 In Charge Of 3R31 Test And VL351/2207 In Charge Of 2Q51.

My Last Entry Is 2PM2 Pn Grain Racing Through The Hills With G538/VQTY/G523/G520/C501/AN7 In Charge.

Cheers ,
  merlin Chief Commissioner

Location: North East Adelaide
I just HAVE to nominate rocket Rod's 'famous' video..."just f##### missed him"
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
Nominations Closed for 2008

Any new nominations will go to next year's polls.
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
I have changed this thread into a thread to nominate Video clips for the Video Bogie Category.

LINK to the original post with the video, and make a normal nomination. (i.e., give the thread name, the poster, the post content and LINK to it.)

DO NOT post the video itself in this bogies thread.

I have no tolerance in waiting for web pages to load that have ten or fifteen Google-Youtube-Whatever video objects on the page.

Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof; meaning, enough with the Railpage server... without turning the area into soup with needless video links. Be you warned now, any more videos on this page will see corrective action by me.
  Pressman Spirit of the Vine

Location: Wherever the Tin Chook or Qantas takes me
I'll kick off the 2009 nominations with this excellent piece of work by 409
  409 Minister for Railways

I would just like to have my video nomination for 2009 to be removed since the video has been removed from my profile on youtube. WMG has had the video removed due to copyright on the background music. Since the video is no longer active, can it please be removed from the nominations?
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
Under investigation.

Hold your comments.
  Henry Herby

Location: Victoria
I nominate:
Sydney_Gunzel for his fantastic video's. e.g
  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
In the Everyday QR Network Observations, Colhad makes many contributions using video. While not nominating any one specific video, his continuing contributions via way of video and everyday ops is a worthy effort.

Nominated for this Bogie, then.
  Henry Herby

Location: Victoria
This year I nominate SteamRanger for this video;

  speedemon08 Mary

Location: I think by now you should have figured it out
I nominate Rocket for this video of an El Zorro Grainie stalling/stopping on a hill

  574M White Guru

Location: Shepparton
* Nominations closed for 2010 Bogies. A poll will be opened shortly.

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