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  Brock_05 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Swinging Spanners under Trucks
A place to show off your works. And to hopefully encourage more Australian support.

I'll get the ball rolling.

Here we see some GY wagons at Bullioh. The model needs rebuilding, more detail, Bump Mapping and new textures (Currently borrowed). It also crashes the game when attempting to couple up  Mad

Now from a small branchline that i'm working on. It's Victorian and shouldn't take to long to guess as to the location. Most of the track work is complete including yards.

Here we see a Whistle Post that i've made. Only took 30 mins from starting the actual model till placing it in game. 95% of the time was spent on modelling and texturing.

A train passes and we see the backside of it.

A platform amongst the gloom

The other end

A close up of the ticketing/station building.

We need a dry place to work on our Locos/Rollingstock. Another sheet of corrugated iron needs to be place down the side.
Our final picture for the day. Now this picture should give our lines location away.

What I need now is more vegetation e.g. Trees, Bushes etc.. If anyone has textures/models for MSTS that they want to send to me for conversion drop me a PM.


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  superheatedsteam Deputy Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
Nice work Stephen.

The AC6000CW is an (old now) MSTS WIP model that I managed to export as a static model. I gave up trying but Mike Simpson managed to get it exported as a player loco.

I couldn’t work out how to smooth polygons in 3Dcanvas, which is why the bow of the bulk ore carrier is faceted.


Hopefully Rail Simulator 2: Railworks will address the issues I currently have with RS that are discouraging me from porting my MSTS work to the new simulator.
  K160 Minister for Railways

Location: Bendigo
The last 2 photos look like Moorooduc on the Mornington Tourist Railway.  Wink
  Brock_05 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Swinging Spanners under Trucks
And we have a winner.

The first two are at the 1st road crossing out of Moorooduc. The three after that are Tanit and the last two are from Moorooduc. I've got a long way to go.

The main issue is Moorooduc. Can't find enough refrence photos. Mainly behind the carriage shed and the workshops end of the platform (including workshops).

BTW, nice work superheatedsteam

  K163 Chief Commissioner

Location: Well you see that house over there? Well it's not that one.
I can give you the consists for 5 and 6 roads from the up end
5 road - 58BE, a CW van,  a derm and 2 4 wheeled W cars
6 road - 13CM, (K191 used to be here too) K159 and 12CM

Also your roads are too long, at the DN end there's a crossing that goes from the end of the platform across road 1 - 4, and 5 and 6 roads end at the crossing.

Also if you have my MSTS version, the green thing at the DN end of the platform is pretty much what's there.
  TheTrainMan Station Staff

Great work guys, good to see some people doing Australian content for RS/RW. Keep it up! Very Happy
  Brock_05 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Swinging Spanners under Trucks
Having never been to Mornington and issues from moving it to Railworks from RS has seen it canned. The Cudgewa branch although track laid out was too big a project for a first timer. But a branchline I am loving is being slowly built. Got the goods shed done tonight

  Brock_05 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Swinging Spanners under Trucks
Mostly temporary textures untill I can get over to the VGR again )soonish I hope)


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