Albury V/Line services after conversion?

  Nightfire Minister for Railways

Location: Gippsland
The only possible gain in converting the lines North of Seymour would be if it were to include the re-opening of the line to Narrandera. This would provide a secondary route for rail freight between Victoria and Sydney & Brisbane and could capture some freight from the Riverina region to Melbourne that is either currently on road or currently going to the Port of Sydney.
Well that ain't going to happen without Macquarie Street stomping up majority of the funding to rebuild the former rail link (just  little bit more than re-opening a disused railway)

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  simstrain Chief Commissioner

A good start would be double track SG from Craigieburn to Tottenham, without stuffing up the Metro. It is a huge ask.

When ARTC and Inland Rail finally get their act together in 20+ years, then we can resume this discussion for Shepparton/Toc/Deni.

In the meantime there is nothing stopping NSWGR building tracks north bound from Deni, except of course a favourable business case.

I think that first part is a good idea as well. If you can get 2 tracks all the way from albion to seymour for SG and keep the existing 2 BG tracks that would be nice.

I agree but if where still talking about this in 20+ years then will become 40 or 60 years.

Getting the line converted to SG would help make that business case more favourable.
  Tii Locomotive Driver

Any signs of the SG Velocities yet for testing etc ?

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