Open Rails Sim. Any genuine opinions please?

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I was a semi-regular user of MSTS for a few years and enjoyed the Marias Pass route (being US rail orientated), and the odd VR. I was almost at the stage of purchasing a Rail Driver console, when my 4:3 LCD screen failed. Once I purchased a widescreen monitor, and realised that MSTS did not support widescreen mode, the fun went out of it a bit. Now there seems to be a lot of choices when it comes to train simulators now, and I'm considering venturing into the world of train simulators again.

In the past with MSTS I have used some of the freely available VR locos and rollingstock (from the Steam4Me? site, from memory), which I have enjoyed, and above all, fully appreciated the effort gone into the products. And even more appreciative of the fact that the authors have ofered them for free! I am someone whe doesn't have the time, nor the skills to produce my own locos, rollingstock or routes, and I'm even happy to pay for anything I need.

I am looking at the next generation of train simulators, and Open Rails caught my eye, so I'd like to ask a couple of questions:

1. I wouldn't mind if there is any RP members who use it, who would provide an honest assessment of it (1) using Australian add-ons, and (2) using US add-ons.

2. Does Open Rails come with any routes/locos/rollingstock?

I look forward to some informative replies.



p.s. Sorry if this is in the wrong location. This was the most logical place to post it)

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  CaptainBazza Station Master

Location: New Zealand Mainland ;-)
Open Rails is an ongoing project and has made wonderful progress during the past nine months. You can find out more information at:

The OR footprint is relatively small. You require MSTS installed, although OR makes no changes to any MSTS files.

I hope the above will help.

Cheers Bazza
  CaptainBazza Station Master

Location: New Zealand Mainland ;-)

The above is an experimental high detail/polygon model that only runs in OR, it's too complex for MSTS. It includes 3d nuts n bolts n rivets. It's about 85,000 polys in a single 2000m LOD.

Cheers Bazza

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