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I used to see Authorised Officers wearing orange fluorescent safety vests just like other Metro employees and their predecessors Connex did before them. Yet lately as I have been travelling on trains, I am seeing more and more Metro employees wearing suits without the orange fluro vest. I know these are in fact AO's given they carry the ticket book, radio, and the other gear. 

However, the strange thing is that other Metro customer service staff on inner-city station platforms still wear orange fluorescent vests, as do the train drivers and other network staff.  

Has there been a change in uniform structure for Authorised Officers that we haven't heard of?

For the record I know, another drab question but it keeps the forum chugging along with interesting discussion.  Thanks.


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  heisdeadjim Chief Commissioner

Authorised Officers still carry vests. However, they'll only deploy them if they have to.

You'll notice for example the platform rovers and paddlepeople at Flinders Street are using a blue vest.

Most times I wear a orange hiviz as a matter of habit - at least once a shift I need to go on track.
  del_horno15 Junior Train Controller

Yeah. Station officers will only wear them when they need to go onto the platform or the tracks for whatever reason. Barrier staff SHOULD be wearing them all the time to help customers spot them, although there are many who don't. Platform attendants wear the blue presumably to distinguish them from any other staff and avoid any confusion.
  Z181 Chief Train Controller

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Metro AO's only wear the Orange vests when preforming Customer Service duties and for Events eg. Footy, Soccer and Cricket.

The Customer Service Attendants wear Blue when roaming and Orange when operating the Pandol Pops.

At V/Line, Platform Supervisers wear Yellow vests (will be changing in near future)

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