Parramatta Light Rail Study released

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Story in today's SMH:

Link to the report:


That's the August 2012 preliminary report. The final version of the report has been completed but will not be released until May 10, according to the Parramatta City Council's twitter account.
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Location: Sydney
Bad oversight on my part. Thanks for the pick up bambul
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If the Western Sydney Light Rail project goes ahead, the Los Angeles Metro Light Rail would be the perfect network to base it on. Its network is similar to the proposed plan and the Los Angeles County has a similar layout and density to Western Sydney. The LA system uses light rail trains rather than light rail trams. LR trains are used due to the fact the system doesn't run through any mall / at grade through major city areas. The LR trains are faster and have a larger seating capacity, which is what Western Sydney needs. Light rail trams have a lower speed, high standing capacity and low floors, which works well in city areas (Inner Sydney Light Rail for example) but for a suburban area the trains are needed. The light rail should also pass underneath or above Parramatta.

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