South Australian Online Freight Movements (GWA and ARTC) via Internet

  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
The feed is sent out in 2 formats.

1 the first is using software called Pro Scan, this only works on Windows
systems only ( or Linux if you are a wiz at getting windows software to work
on Linux )   and download Proscan Client Free, NOTE there are 2
versions of this software one you pay for and one that is free.

2 the other is a WEB feed and can be accessed by either of the following

WEB page

If you open the feed through a media player

Have found it works on all media players but if you use either Win Amp or I
Tunes you will also get Metadata showing channel information.

If an issue with quality of feed audio becomes an issue and you find it
unacceptable please don't hesitate to contact me, I don't take it the wrong
way and I get issues sorted as quick as possible.

There is one noise issue as the site is solar powered we do get the charge
controller buzz noise come through at times but it is generally at a low
level you have to have the volume up high to hear it under normal

If you use mobile broadband network, provider disconnects are common on
streams due to their fair use policy.

I also have a very low data rate which has proven popular for both mobile
broadband users and though's poor soles still stuck with dial up.

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