Ziz Zag needs your help!!!!

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Location: Lower Blue Mountains , NSW
To all our friends and supporters. Just as we're on the verge of re-starting passenger services on the Zig Zag Railway we would like to ask for your assistance. Some time last week, the low life struck again and, after shutting off power in an effort to disable security cameras, broke into one of our storage containers and stole a quantity of retail stock. Although most of this will be nearly impossible to trace, one line really stands out. The thieves stole between 10 and 15 brand new South African fireman shovels. We believe with a fairly small market for these items there is a chance the police can catch the perpetrators. If anyone on the railway scene sees or hears of cheap railway shovels coming up for sale, we ask that you contact Lithgow Police on 02 6352 8399 urgently with as much detail as you can get.....fingers crossed!

taken from a post on zig zag railways Facebook page .

i hope we find these scumbags

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