VR Moe-Walhalla line

  Ardglen Junior Train Controller

Hi everyone,
I am planning a layout based on the VR 2' 6" Moe - Walhalla line. I have managed to obtain some information via the internet but still need more particularly photos & plans of buildings that stood at Walhalla & Collins' Siding; train compositions etc.
Any assistance gratefully received.
Thanks & regards

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  D3621 Locomotive Driver

Location: Castlemaine Vic
This is a good link it provides a photo from 1925 http://victorianrailways.net/photogallery/eastern/walhalla/walhalla.html. It is a website run by Mark Bau. It also inlcudes station plan from 1912. You could read Nick Anchen's books Enginemen of the Victorian Railways Volume I and II. Those are really good. He also has two more books Rails to Old Walhallla and The Narrow Gauge. They are both extremely helpful.
  sparks Assistant Commissioner

Location: melbourne
Hey Andrew depending on what state you are from Walhalla station building is located at Hartwell on the Alamein line. Well It was there last time I looked a number of years ago..

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