Outer Circle Railway Documentary

  jdekorte Deputy Commissioner

Location: Near Caulfield Station
This cropped up from one of my Facebook feeds (Lost Melbourne) tonight about a documentary that is being produced on our famous Outer Circle Railway. I haven't had a real chance to go through the website of the team that is in production of this documentary, but it looks very interesting. From what I understand it is being done by a team of historians & railway enthusiasts. It's certainly an area of rail that I know a bit about, but I'm eager to know more. The short teaser video looks really good and I hope the rest of the documentary is this informative.

Website: http://outercircleline.com.au

Teaser trailer:

Outer Circle Line - Teaser 1 by Outer Circle

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  2001 The Snow Lord

Location: The road jump at Charlotte Pass. Paxman Valenta on two planks.
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