VR N class smoke deflectors

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With Ref to Photographer Profile Michael Schrader "Recording Railway History- Victoria":

Photos of K and N class steamers are shown with full depth smoke deflectors..........with the exception of N 430, which is shown with small deflectors as on the J and R class.

Is there a story here? Perhaps an experiment? Were other N's similarly fitted?


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  Bogong Chief Commissioner

Location: Essendon Aerodrome circa 1980
The last batch of Newport built N class had the blinker type of smoke deflectors that were also fitted to the C, J and R classes.

Earlier N's, as well as the post-war batch imported from the UK, had the pre-war style long smoke deflectors.
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For those not familiar with the numbers...

The post war Newport N class were to be numbered N430 to N449 but only N430 to N432 were completed.

Those three locomotives also had Boxpok driving wheels as fitted to the final K class locomotives.


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