Rail crossing standards

  jmcdon Beginner

I am really keen to read a little more about rail crossing standards in Victoria. In particular, how loud must the audio alarms sound and what are the audio rules regarding train horns. To date, I simply can't find any guidance. However, knowing how amazing and knowledgeable you guys are, I'm sure i'll some leads to work with soon.
Please let me be the first to say I am researching a topic for academic purposes. I am not a part of any media organisation. I'm still recovering from my 'flaming' about two years ago when I last asked a question.

***Actually, just found this: http://ptv.vic.gov.au/assets/PTV/PTV%20docs/VRIOGS/VRIOGS-003-2-2006.pdf***

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  ZH836301 Chief Commissioner

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I have found a document online regarding parameters - from memory it mainly covered signage standards and sighting distances.

Unfortunately I can't find it in my pdf collection, but you should be able to find it eventually.

Probably in Transport Safety Vic, or perhaps DoT, PTV, VicRoads, NHVR, RiSSB, ATSB, ARTC, Coroner (Kerang)?

This one covers ped crossings http://ptv.vic.gov.au/assets/PTV/PTV%20docs/VRIOGS/VRIOGS-003-2-2006.pdf

Some info, no specifics http://extranet.artc.com.au/docs/eng/signal/procedures/design/ESD-03-01.pdf
  jmcdon Beginner

Thankyou so very much! I really appreciate your help!
  sthyer Deputy Commissioner
  62440 Chief Commissioner

Try AS1742.7
  frezno Junior Train Controller

jmcdon, as a general rule if you live near a train line/crossing, it's going to be noisy. Perhaps if you're researching for an article or project, you could advise the wider population of that?
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I'm just wondering why someone who is posting from a NZ-based IP address is so interested in Victorian standards?

That being said, try Google. A simple search revealed almost everything you'll need to know. I'm getting the shytes with people being too lazy to do a bit of research of their own before expecting RP to spoonfeed them the information they want.

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