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  sulzer Junior Train Controller

Location: QLD
Hi all
after reading the built by Bundaberg foundry book in the section of the Jenbach underground locos there was a table showing where some of these trains are today but some of them seemed as possible locations and not defitante so if anyone can help provide evidence as to where these underground mining locos are today it will be highly appreciated
thanks in advance

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  Expost Chief Commissioner

Perhaps a list of where they supposedly are would be useful.  

I know of one operational mining loco in town, that is used for kids rides these days.  I could not tell you who or what it is, or anything about the manufacturer.
  sulzer Junior Train Controller

Location: QLD
  chris1985 Locomotive Driver

one in atherton.
  Expost Chief Commissioner

One operational at Blackwater, seeing service for the Rotary Club, hauling converted ore trucks for kids, around a track that would be approx. 250 metres long. These pics and vids from the markets this morning.






And this from a few weeks ago, when they had fired it up for the first time in quite a while, I believe.


By the way, the 980 plates on this loco belong to the C17 plinthed up the road at the Lions park in Blackwater.
  sulzer Junior Train Controller

Location: QLD
yes that is the loco I was looking for
  sulzer Junior Train Controller

Location: QLD
bn           year         type          gauge            model       engine number                    supposed location

10           1953        6wdm         2ft              bj100            1oo/1212                       tom badger MacKay harbour 2003

11          1953         4wdm         2ft               bj15               5588                           Ipswich historical society 1991    

12           1954       4wdm         1ft8in             bj15               5787                           sold for scrap 1998  

13          1954        6wdm          2ft                bj220             1203                             AMGRMS durundur railway Woodford 1995

14          1954       4wdm          2ft2in            bj15               5148                            Jim bailey Bundaberg 1982

15          1955       4wdm          1ft8 1/2in        bj15             6204                            Lester shreiweis rosewood 1979

16         1955         4wdm         2ft                  bj15              2613                           Acland coal museum 1984

17          1955         4wdm         1ft8 1/4in       bj15             6225                            scrapped in W.A

18          1955        4wdm           1ft8 1/4in       bj15             6203                            scrapped 1998  

19         1956        4wdm            1ft8 1/2in       bj15             6201                           Howard museum 2010    

20         1956        4wdm              1ft8in           bj15          6202 or 6205                scrapped 1998
  johnbrowning Beginner

Location: Brisbane
As one of the authors of the book, I would be very interested to learn more about any of these locomotives.

It is good to see a photo of the 1ft 6in gauge Jenbach at Blackwater and to know it is still operational.

The story is complicated by the fact that there were many more Jenbach locomotives built in Austria that worked here than the licensed products produced in Bundaberg.

Jenbach mining locomotives that I believe still exist in Australia are as follows. All Queensland unless stated otherwise.

B/n           Year       Gauge    Model      Engine No.      Last known location

196            1953      1’6”        JW8           2806          Rotary Club of Blackwater

1077          1951      2’0”        JW15         3322          David Eglington, Toowoomba          

1079          1951      2’0”        JW15         3732          David Eglington,Toowoomba

1080          1951      2’0”        JW15         3323          ANGRMS, Woodford

1137          1952      2’0”        JW15         5062          New Hope Corporation, Acland Coal Mine Museum site (chassis only)

1138          1952      2’0”        JW15         5067          New Hope Corporation, Acland Coal Mine Museum site

1139          1952      2’0”        JW15         5051          New Hope Corporation, Acland Coal Mine Museum site (chassis only)

1155          1953      2’0”        JW15         5617          Thiess,South Blackwater, for picnic train

1191          1954      2’0”`      JW15                          Moura Mineworkers’ Picnic Committee, Gill Park, Moura (a second loco - one of 1169 & 1175 - may also have been
                                                                                 obtained for this project from Baralaba - see below)

?                 ?             1'8½"    JW15         6294        Lester Shreinweis, Rosewood(one of 1140, 1142, 1154, 1167)

?                 ?             2’2”       JW15                        Baralaba Coal Pty Ltd (one of 1169 & 1175 - the other may have gone to Moura - see above.)

2124          1954      1’8”        JW20         2612          Adrian Kraatz, Ravensbourne

2153          1955      1’8”        JW20         5343          Adrian Kraatz, Ravensbourne

21??          1956      ?             JW20         5336         Lithgow Mining Museum, NSW

2216          1958      2’0”        JW20                         John Bale, Porepunkah, Victoria

Many of these have not been reported for some time so further news of any of them would be welcome.
The Mines Department in Queensland apparently required the builder's number to be stamped on the bed of the cast frame.

John Browning
  sulzer Junior Train Controller

Location: QLD
it would be great if we could locate all of these trains and post a picture of them on here and thanks for telling me as I did not know Austria made Jenbach also witch could make identification difficult
  johnbrowning Beginner

Location: Brisbane
The Bundaberg Jenbach locos had a large cast oval builder's plate on the cab side, and the axle box covers are marked 'BJ'. The Jenbach locos had small stamped plates inside the cab and the axlebox covers are marked 'JW'. Both types had Jenbach engines and can usually be identified from the engine numbers.

  Manfred Boeckl Beginner

Thank You John for sending Your list to me (Austria).

We updated the Jenbacher Llst, managed by Andreas Christopher in Germany.
See: http://achristo.homepage.t-online.de/HerstJW.htm

Best regards

Manfred Boeckl

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