NSW Locos and Signals under TRS2006

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I have a whole bunch of questions about Trainz and the NSW Diesel Locomotives that have been made for Trainz 2006 or TRS2006.

I've posted this here as I figured knowing the site, people more knowledgeable in this area would be able to reply.

THe locos I'm referring to are basically all of them: 40 class, 41 class, 42 class, 422 class, 43 class, 44 class, 442 class,
45 class, 46 class, 47 class, 48 class, 49 class, 80 class, 81 class, 82 class, and 90 class.

In addition the AN class, NR class, and the IRA DSB MZ III class.

What I'm looking for are proper engine sounds, horn sounds, and interior cabins if anyone has them.

Quite a few of these locos don't have the proper attributes as mentioned above, as I have seen the interiors of some, heard
the engine and horn, etc.

One example is that the 82 and 90 class have a single window behind the driver, but the cabin is wrong, as when you turn the
camera around all there is is wall and no window.

If anyone knows if there are sounds, interiors, etc. in-game, on the DLS or other site for these, could you let me know

I am also looking for a DL class. Someone I think is doing a custom route which included creating a DL class, however it is
for TS2009 and up, so it won't work with TRS2006. I found an older file on the DLS of this class, but it says the download
is no longer available and there are no other DL class on the DLS, so that's disappointing.

And I can't find the Endeavour cars in the new yellow-blue livery either. The Xplorers in this livery are on the DLS, but the
Endeavours aren't.

Also, I'm looking for the PL class. I found one at Worrybrook Station website, but since downloading several there, I've
concluded that these too are for TS2009 and up, as none of them work for TRS2006.

Lastly, the silver and black IRA MZ III 14 class is something I've been looking for ever since moving to Canley Heights and
frequently seeing one of these going in and out of Yennora Yard. The DLS doesn't have it. The DSB MZ is there I think, but
I can't get it to work for some reason.

I figured i might as well get my other questions out of the way here too, rather than create two threads.

Does anyone know if someone has created a NSW 6 Aspect Automatic Advanced signal that works with TRS2006? The 6 Aspect
signals in the game are restricted to Left and Right Diverge, which limits their usage since the diverge signal is fixed to
either yellow on yellow or red on red. On the main line, the 6 Aspect functions like a normal signal, but I'd like the
diverge to act like this too as well as to add the Advanced flashing amber to it.

Does anyone have the NSW 3 Aspect Left and Right Diverge signals with the route indicators working? The signals I refer to
are the ones which have diagonal amber lights for the diverge which flash or stay solid. I've found these signals very
useful in the game and would like to get more working on them if it is possible. At the moment the two things that don't
work on the signals are the route indicators and the calling-on light.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you can help me out with some of these issues.

And I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section.

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  KRviator Moderator

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Does anyone know if someone has created a NSW 6 Aspect Automatic Advanced signal that works with TRS2006?

No. The signal coding will not allow the preliminary medium aspect you'll get with a 6-aspect signal. TRS2006 only recognises advanced caution, which in NSW-speak translates to green-over-yellow. You can try scripting it yourself but that's not something I ever bothered trying. So for a through-movement you're limited to Clear, Caution, Medium and Stop, with Medium-Turnout and Caution Turnout making up the other two aspects you can get.

Many moons ago, I developed a prototypical 82/90 class cab to go with DavidO's locos, but never really finished it. I've yet to see anything else close unfortunately.

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