Opal Top Up Machines

  s3_gunzel Not a gunzel developer

Location: Western Sydney, AU
You could, if funds are available on your card. But it will still take about an hour or so before those funds become available

Recharge the night before?

What about the times where I have needed to travel ASAP, and luckily there was money on my Opal.

It is your responsibility to keep your card topped up.

There have been times  where I have had the cash, and would prefer to top-up (in the same way that every other system does).

I don't use cash, so I can't see the issue for my use-case.

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  Blackadder Chief Commissioner

Location: Not the ECRL
AFAIK removing staff from stations is not on the agenda of TFNSW. What is on the agenda is removing staff from doing mundane tasks, such as ticket selling, and get them out on platforms engaging in customer relations. Hopefully, staff may be motivated to raise their ambitions and not remain CSAs for all their life.

I assure you it is not a very inspiring job, but could be if how things are done in the past are discarded. There was no particular reason for many of the processes imposed on CSAs. Allowing staff to think for themselves would be a good start. A good example is bundling up Weekly Notices with string and archiving them when they are readily available in soft copy. The amount of paperwork stations used to keep is quite startling.

Most of the paper work collected just ends up collecting pigeon poo in some old goods shed serving no useful purpose.

Banks have given up balancing the days takings to the last penny years ago, however, CSAs are required to make up shortages even if it is only 50 cents and they were 50 cents over the previous day when engaged in ticket selling duties.

It may not be on their agenda, but I can assure you it sure as hell isn't happening, an example of which is the closed ticket windows at Sydney Terminal, where are all the extra CSA's?
Speaking as a CSA who has tried many times to advance, it does get more than a touch annoying when you get knocked back at the interviews , rather than on your actual knowledge of day to day operations.
Agree on the Weekly notices, even as a CSA at my location we have to sign for one every week, despite none of us actually looking at it.
Yes heaven forbid you should be short in your balance, about the only positive is you can claim it back on Tax Laughing

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