W class export

  Bills_Billboards Chief Commissioner

Anyone have any information on the W class trams being exported , think it was facebook i seen a post with photo of at least 2 W's at Appleton dock if i remember correctly
One W looked in very good nick with freshly repainted roof
Thought the W's were heritage listed and could not be shipped offshore

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  kuldalai Chief Commissioner

Along the Embarcadero and waterfront in San Francisco the tram service is operated by electric trams from all over the world including several Melbourne W class with the open centre type, as well as vintage trams from Milano in Italia . Also W class in operation on waterfront in Auckland.
  X'Trapolis-904M Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
Caller into 3AW Nightline saying that if you want to buy one $500 plus postage.
  potatoinmymouth Chief Commissioner

Article in today’s Age saying the Ws will be given away to interested parties.

Didn’t want to create a new thread but also didn’t want to go too far back: hopefully I’ve struck a balance here.
  MetroFemme Assistant Commissioner

Elton John has one on his property in the uk.
  Matthew Chief Train Controller

Elton John has one on his property in the uk.
He's apparently gotten bored with the tram and tried to give to Critch. Only it's too wide for their track with the footboards on and they are little hard to get in and out of if you take the footboards off!.

PTV will give the trams to Victorian non-profits who ask and make a good submission. Then they will consider offers (of money!)  from interstate and then overseas. Only Victorian groups will get them gifted and they have to make a good submission. Everyone else pays.
  Halo Chief Train Controller

Cheap trams yes. But from memory standard shipping includes 4 crane operations, a specialist truck, road permits and a cheque around $10,000
  mrmoopt Chief Commissioner

Location: _
If you want ideas on how to make a W class tram reallly cool check out what HK Tramways did to one of theirs


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