Malcolm Turncoat's imploding act

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@ DonDunstan not all White South Africans are Afrikaners and I was talking about some of the farmers having racist tendencies. And I was talking about farmers. There is no evidence that this is happening in the cities. 2 99% of to SA people I know are Jewish who have no truck with the racist element within Afrikaner community. I stress again if SOME RACIST FARMERS treat blacks like they are sub human than those farmers can expect sympathy from blacks. So stop assuming stuff just because you think I am racist. I can tell you I am not.


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The ABC has obtained a copy of the petition calling for the party meeting.

Numbers refer to the order in which it was signed:

"Dear Prime Minister, We the undersigned request that you call a meeting of the Joint-House Parliamentary Liberal Party as soon as practicable for the purpose of determining the leadership of the party."

1. Andrew Hastie
2. Tony Pasin
3. Sussan Ley
4. Craig Kelly
5. Michael Sukkar
6. Kevin Andrews
7. Tony Abbott
8. Ian Goodenough
9. Nicolle Flint
10. Peter Dutton
11. Amanda Stoker
12. Jonathon Duniam
13. David Bushby
14. James Paterson
15. Eric Abetz
16. Concetta Fierravanti-Wells
17. James McGrath
18. Jim Molan
19. Slade Brockman
20. Dean Smith
21. Jane Hume
22. Mitch Fifield
23. John McVeigh
24. David Fawcett
25. Mathias Cormann
26. Michaelia Cash
27. Karen Andrews ("because this has to be resolved")
28. Greg Hunt
29. Steven Ciobo
30. Angus Taylor
31. Alan Tudge
32. Michael Keenan
33. Andrew Wallace
34. Scott Buchholz ("I support the office of the Prime Minister")
35. Jason Wood
36. Ross Vasta
37. Luke Howarth
38. Rick Wilson
39. Ted O'Brien
40. Zed Seselja
41. Andrew Laming
42. Ben Morton
43. Warren Entsch ("for Brendan Nelson")
"ABC News"

Brendan Nelson was the Liberal leader after Howard, who Turnbull knifed to get his first (and rather short) run at the party leadership.
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We have a new thread,  this is locked, end of a era maybe, but also the talk was going in a weird direction.

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