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  vlocity27 Junior Train Controller

Location: Pakenham
hello, I currently own trainz 2 for my ipad and was wondering if it is possible to download trains online (found a Sydney Tangara I want) and then put them on my ipad somehow.

Because I have a number of routes which I would like to run some Melbourne and Sydney trains on.


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  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

The simple answer is, YOU CAN'T! I got the Trainz Simulator for android for my phone once and I wanted to add good Australian content but NOOOOO they just expect that you buy the app with nothing but USA, Brittish and some other crap you don't want

Maybe Trainz should built individual train sim apps "Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and so on" or even the entire state lol it would make life more fun I think Razz

I've noticed on the "Google Play Store" you can get a Melbourne metro train sim, that's a start pity NO Sydney :'(

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