Locomotive firing shovel

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Could be but it looks a bit short to me.

It's shortened. When they pick up a few dings, they get cut down to make them straight, which works fine in engines with short cabs and small fireboxes. In fact, this shovel has bugger all dings and much wear, which makes me think it was well looked after for a long time in a small loco, like an NA.

If you have a fairly good look at the shovel you can its had had a hard life, on the side rear of the shovel, left top looking at the photo. you can see some depressions, which would have been rare on a a serviceable shovel.  Again the angle of the cut off also is a fair distance in from the normal end of the blade, again indicating that it had a hard life. The actual colour of the blade tells me its been used more for removing ash from a fire, perhaps an outdoor fire pit or the like.

The rear ward cutting off of the blade also indicates its gone basically beyond the condemning line as well. If only it could talk it would likely scream in agony, although would have been an interesting history.

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