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Learn how model trains are made in the video documentary "Scale Trains, Big Dreams". For a limited time the series is FREE from TrainMastersTV - http://trainmasters.tv/video-player/tmtv-2015-11-act-iii

Part 1 is a 30 minute video, the meat of the story starts at 3min20sec.

Part 2 (28 mins) at http://trainmasters.tv/videos/2015-12-1-tmtv-dec-2015-edition-act-I (lots of examples of the complex tooling processes)

Part 3 (20 mins) at http://trainmasters.tv/videos/2015-12-2-tmtv-dec-2015-edition-act-ii

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  Showtime Chief Train Controller

Thanks for posting
I really enjoyed seeing the whole process and these guys did a fantastic job
  Streamliner Junior Train Controller

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Thanks for sharing Poath,

Very interesting eye opener- especially the pad printing and paint masking. I even went to the Scaletrains website to see how they are going. I love their philosophy with different levels of detail- from basic to rivet counter and museum level. They even sell upgrade kits for those that want to super detail their own products, and boxcars that are fully painted, but still need assembly. Why pay for the factory to put the bogies on when I'm more than capable to use a screwdriver?! I wish Australian manufacturers would do this! The closest I can think of is Austrains basix range. Sometimes I feel $50 worth of underfloor detail on rollingstock is wasted...... but I think I'm off topic!

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