Carriage C 3804 - Can It Be Returned To Operational Condition

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Hi all,

Here is a thread to discuss whether prototype S set Car No. C 3804 can be restored. So argue away!

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Not easily. That's all I'll say.
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Don't start a thread in this manner.  You should be stating what you want for C3804 and why.  Then don the asbestos underwear.

There is no need to restore C3804, it already has been restored.  You might mean overhaul for traffic purposes.

C3804 can be overhauled and returned to a serviceable condition, if you have the money to do so.  There is no need or desire to do so though, especially since its progeny are still in revenue traffic.  C3804 came to Thirlmere as a stripped out hulk, it was used as a mess room at Chullora.  What you see now is the result of several members putting a lot of hard work in, gathering parts from withdrawn Tulloch Trailers, with full official permission, to fit it out.  Other parts came from defunct stores at Chullora to make the drivers cab appear complete.  It was electrically stripped at Chullora so there's a lot to source & replace before C3804 is anything but a museum display piece.
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There was something about this on facebook, I can't remember the exact thread, or the wording of it, but it went something along the lines of this car was fitted with prototype motors and the like, and a lot of the parts used on it were not standard with the rest of the fleet.

If you were to just stick any old parts in there to make it operational, it wouldn't be authentic to how it ran when it was in service

To return this car to service in authentic condition would require a lot of hard to find parts to be sourced and fitted. Not to mention the battle of accreditation, crew training etc.

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