How to download trainz 2006 dependencies

  oscarsetlover4 Beginner

i recently got Chris Mannings map but the tracks and stations are missing does anyone know how i can get the tracks n stations from TRZ2006 to TRZ2012 all i need is the tracks and stations.

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  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Welcome to the exact same problems I have with Trainz

MSTS is heaps better at lease a full route or rolling stock can be downloaded without having to download over 2 million dependencies for a single route in Trainz or 200 to get rolling stock to work "if you haven't noticed 2 million and 200 is a figure of speech"

I have lost complete patience using Trainz, I still have routes and rolling stock missing dependencies just to get them to work correctly

Trainz has it's good things, but just downloading dependencies is a pain in the lower back!
My advice, get yourself a different Train Sim and tell Auran to either put Trainz in a place where the sun doesn't shine or allow a COMPLETE download for a single route and rolling stock without the need of bloody dependencies

If however, you do get some luck try clicking on TRS2006 and untick all other versions of Trainz in the download station and hopefully it'll work for you mate... Best of luck!!!

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