Hanson siding

  bomberswarm2 Junior Train Controller

Where is it. I looked it up a few days ago and something showed it up as being here:

But it is timetabled to be used very frequently and I have never seen that crossing in use. When I looked up the siding again nothing showed up.

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Try further north at Kilmore East
  bomberswarm2 Junior Train Controller

Try further north at Kilmore East

That's the Apex Quarry Siding, timetabled between Broadford and Kilmore East. "Brooklyn Hanson siding" is in the timetable between Brooklyn, Sunshine and Tottenham Yard
  steven_h Train Controller

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You're looking at the siding.
The line runs parallel to Bunting Rd and then crosses it into the gravel yard.
  Gman_86 Chief Commissioner

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The Brooklyn Hanson siding leaves the mainline just North of Somerville Rd. It crosses Somerville Rd immediately West of McDonald Rd, as distinct from the mainline, which crosses Somerville Rd about 150m East of McDonald Rd.

Just before it crossing Somerville Rd a second siding branches from the Hanson siding, both cross Somerville Rd together, the other siding (West of the Hanson siding) runs into the former Brooklyn tip, this is currently disused. The Hanson siding goes through a pair of gates (which are left padlocked when there is no train using the siding) and then rounds a curve before running parallel with Bunting Rd.

The line then crosses Bunting Rd before entering Hanson's Brooklyn Concrete Plant.

It sees regular use, pretty much daily.

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