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  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Dear MSTS Community, this announcement is regarding the closure of MSTS Frorums For Australia! now
I have been getting emails from the Tapatalk company who has taken over Free Forums and Tapatalk seems very pushy on getting donations to keep the forum open

It's not up to me to tell all users to make a donation to keep MSTS Forums For Australia open, as I'm only part of the moderation team and I wouldn't suggest it if Tapatalk keeps sending me emails to tell members to make a donation

So I have made a decision to close the MSTS Forums For Australia, if I can do so! Tapatalk seems to be and sound greedy within their emails

I will be unable to inform Billy the site owner, but I do hope he sees this message and why I have decided to close MSTS Forums For Australia

Apologies goes out to the administration team and all members of MSTS Forums For Australia!
Regards, Phil Chorusch

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  cityrail-rulez Chief Train Controller

Just to inform everyone, I have not removed MSTS Forums For Australia! As I don't have permissions to do so, the only person who can do it is Billy the site owner, but he is unreachable!

I also took notes of the Downloads on MSTS Forums For Australia! I noticed that all Billy's 4shared links do not work and many other 4shared links you will get a virus warning message, I will say this now that NON of the add-ons contain any viruses
they haven't been updated in awhile so that's the reason for the warning

If you do intend to download any add-ons and see the 4shared virus warning, close the page and open the page again!
You may have to do this a few times until you don't see the warning message as 4shared updates the file link

Anyway, MSTS Forums For Australia is still online!
Apologise for any inconvenience
Regards, Phil Chorusch
Administration team

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