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  sx69181 Station Staff

What is the next gauge up from  7-1/4''. Is it  10-1/4''  12-1/4'' or 15''


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  Dangersdan707 Chief Commissioner

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Id say 10-1/2 though I am no expert in miniatures.
  dthead Site Admin

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The answer is : it is up to you !

popular though is also moot in Australia where 5 inch and 7 1/4 inch gauges are the clea majority with anything else is rare ( 3 1/2 was the third most popular )

We have seen gauges - well you  almost can name 'em  one  track was 6  1/2 inches.

So if you are thinking of making a  miniature RR  witha bigger gauge - you wouls be largely  by yourself.

David Head
  TomBTR Train Controller

Location: near Sydney
If I remember correctly, Greenly says 9 1/2", then 10 1/4" then 15". However these days, if you asked the question in England the answer would be 10 1/4" and in NSW the answer would be 12".
  GS4 Train Controller

............ and in Inglewood it appears to be 10 5/8" ,,,, that is 3/16" to the foot.


As mentioned previously typical gauges were 9 1/2" , 10 1/4" , 12" , 15".  Currumbin sanctuary was to be 12" but got scaled back to 11" due to curve limitations.

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