splod Junior Train Controller

Location: Darwin, NT
I have it on good authority that work is being put into NSWRail.net such that people will be able to contribute to it once again.

The first phase will enable people to upload and publish their photos directly on the site. This work is mostly done. Eventually most or all of the site content will be editable by anybody with an account.

Stay tuned. Phase 1 should be ready in a couple of weeks.


No need for drastic measures - Rolfe (owner of nswrail.net) posted the above note in this very thread 2 weeks ago.

Be patient - things appear to be happening...

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  s3_gunzel Not a gunzel developer

Location: Western Sydney, AU
Splod, uh, that post is from Jan 28, 2018!
  NSWGR8022 Chief Commissioner

Location: From the lands of Journalism and Free Speech
The site appears to be back although some functions are not working.

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