LDP Locos

  fzr560 Chief Train Controller

Ok sorry, still hate Aurizon custard and who paints loco's white?
Junction box
When you are next trackside, you may see a big long predominately white train go past. It will most likely have predominately white locos on it. They will have the letters, SCT on them.The answer is SCT or companies that choose to lease horsepower to SCT. As has been pointed out, this information is contained in this thread.

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  GT46C-ACe Assistant Commissioner

Location: Sydney, NSW
Get over it maybe? Surely there's bigger things in life to worry about....
  meh Chief Commissioner

Location: Sydney
Colours aside; which locos have been leased by PN? And will they join the Intermodal fleet or R&B?
  GT46C-ACe Assistant Commissioner

Location: Sydney, NSW
3 (not sure numbers) have gone to coal as bankers.
  2LaGrange Train Controller

4 to PN and the other 5 to SCT
  Sulla1 Chief Commissioner

The currently cabless narrow gauge LDPs have broken cover from Progress Rail's Redbank Workshops in PN livery and Pacific National logos. The cabs have been removed for additional prep work I believe.
  Jack Le Lievre Assistant Commissioner

Location: Moolap Station, Vic
LDP005 (Progress Rail) & SCT010 around the corner at North Geelong at 09:51 E.D.T.

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