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G'day everyone, I am looking into buying the new Train Simulator 2018 as I quite enjoyed the look of Train Sim World on Xbox One which really got me addicted to playing such an awesome game, especially when you can get out of the cab and walk around stations, find collectibles, refuelling, uncoupling/coupling and so much more it surely beats the crap out of MSTS Laughing

I do have so many questions regarding Train Simulator 2018 and of course I really like to get the game but I just gotta know a few things before I decide buying the game

1) First thing is first, what 3d modelling program is best to make trains, rolling stock, scenery objects and more for Train Simulator? I have Train Sim Modeler (I doubt this will work), Blender, Gmax and Google Sketchup 8 (Too lazy to upgrade)

If I can find a Train Sim Modeler import/export plugin for Blender that'll be a super bonus as I could then automatically import all my models I've done for MSTS into Train Simulator 2018

When you 3d model trains and rolling stock, I am assuming all Child parts must be parented to a main object like in MSTS for animations to work correctly would this statement be true?

2) I will honestly love to try route building in Train Simulator 2018 and it does seem quite easy enough however still very much a challenge as I seen many route building videos on YouTube, but what I need to know is there any way of using Terrain data in .HGT format and is there any way of using markers from Google Earth or use Google Maps images to help you build your route for Train Simulator?

3) Are previous released routes of Train Simulator compatible to the Train Simulator 2018 game? As I know there are only 2 Australian routes available for older versions of the Train Simulator games but I have no idea where to find the trains that are currently available and I don't use Steam

4) In general, can you walk around and collect any collectibles in the game itself? Like in Train Sim World! As I had so much fun looking at every railway station in Train Sim World collecting all the collectibles as it didn't make the game boring

Anyway, if I have other questions I will post them here
Anyone who is using or interested in Train Simulator 2018 may also use this tread as I have titled it "Train Simulator 2018"
I may get the game or maybe I will stick with MSTS who knows but I surely enjoyed Train Sim World it is addictive and really fun so that's why I have an interest upgrading to Train Simulator 2018

Cheers, regards Phil

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