Adani changes to narrow gauge

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Of course, the whole "Save The Great Barrier Reef" argument by the greenies is a farce. Adani can only harvest water from the Suttor River during flood times. The Suttor River, for the uneducated, flows into Lake Dalrymple. Lake Dalrymple is the impoundment held back by, The Burdekin Dam. The Burdekin Dam, during times of flood, flows massively over the dam wall, flowing into the lower Burdekin River, and eventually, Upstart Bay, AND The GREAT BARRIER REEF, taking with it millions of toinnes of sediment.
The Greenies are very fond of bleating how the reef is suffering, how all that fresh water is killing coral and marine life. How sediment is smothering and killing vital corals.
By allowing Adain to harvest flood water from The Suttor River during times of flood, its actually HELPING to save the Great Barrier Reef from damage.

How ironic.
Is there a Scientific report I can read to back this up?
Do your own research, come up with your own conclusions. Research comes from reading about different matters. You then put 2 and 2 together.

If you disagree, then please state where, and how. All those facts are simply that, facts. Each adds to the last, to come to the final conclusion.

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The simple fact is Glencore is currently moving to build the new Valeria thermal coal mine near Clermont (south of Carmichael) that will be double the production capacity of the Carmichael mine.

At Valeria there has been no protests, no high court challenges, no farmers running out of water, nothing...just a smooth development process unnoticed by anyone.
The difference is that they are probably complying with their environmental conditions and laws in general.  Not that Glencore is angelic and perfect but it has to perform more like a BHP than an Adani to keep its social license.

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