Final W-Class trams to be restored


News article: Final W-Class trams to be restored

The final six unrestored W-Class trams are being removed from Melbourne’s City Circle so they can be stripped back and rebuilt for re-entry into service by 2020.

  x31 Chief Commissioner

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The final w class?

There must be a few around kept for parts and restoration?

Final W-Class trams to be restored

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  kitchgp Chief Commissioner

Upgrading the remaining 6 trams in the operational 12-strong Route 35 City Circle fleet to W8 Class.

Trams for preservation (future use) and upgrading to W8 standard
Trams on the network need to operate at a W8 standard to ensure driver and public safety. Trams identified by the audit as having the potential for upgrade to a W8 class tram standard and are still of a suitable quality, will be retained. W7 class trams have been found to be uneconomical to upgrade to W8 class in the past. These trams, and other trams subsequently used as ‘parts donors’, will be stripped of the necessary parts to support the continuation of the operational fleet. The remainder will be offered under the EOI process. This ensures a reserve of trams as insurance against the loss of operational trams.
Retired Tram Strategy, VicTrack

Despite what it says above, W7 1010 has been upgraded to W8 and W7 1020 is in the fleet, presumably to be upgraded.
  ElliotProvis Junior Train Controller

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Confusing. So if they’re not using the W7 trams, which trams are they using for the W8 conversion project
  Dangersdan707 Chief Commissioner

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Confusing. So if they’re not using the W7 trams, which trams are they using for the W8 conversion project
Maybe some of the ones stored at newport?
  n459L1150 Train Controller

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or Bendigo maybe?
  kitchgp Chief Commissioner

The article is poorly worded. The trams are not being restored (they are already operating) but upgraded to W8 Class. These are the 12 trams in the current operational Route 35 City Circle fleet. The City Circle and the Restaurant trams are the only W Class trams in passenger service on the network.

According to VicSig the six trams that have been upgraded to W8 thus far are:
SW6   946, 957, 959
W6      981, 983
W7      1010

SW6s 856, 928 & 961 are currently being upgraded at Bendigo.

The extract from the Retired Tram Strategy refers to retaining some of the numerous stored trams for parts and future replacements.

It seems that, according to the release and PTV site, that only the W8s (and the Restaurant trams) will operate from this Monday (tomorrow). To operate the timetabled 12-min headway requires 10 trams + 2 spares. A 30-min headway requires 4 trams + 2 spare (the current W8s).

The mention of additional weekend services on Route 30 (St Vincents Plaza – Docklands via La Trobe Street) to cover some of the shortfall is also poorly worded as Route 30 only currently operates 6am – 6.30pm Mon – Fri. There is no change to the current timetable for either Route 30 or Route 35 on the PTV website thus far, so tourists may have to wait 20 mins or so longer than expected and then find the tram full. It is planned to introduce weekday evening and weekend services on Route 30 from 1 January 2019.

The Restaurant trams are:
#04 - SW6 938  
#05 - SW6 964
#06 - SW6 935
  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

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Confusing. So if they’re not using the W7 trams, which trams are they using for the W8 conversion project

The W8 conversion was designed around W6/SW6 trams, and the W7s happened to be built differently even though they look identical on the outside so after 1010 was done they probably said "stuff that" and went back to W6s. One wonders if an SW5 is much different...

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