The End of the Internal Combustion Engine is Nigh

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and tractors?  here in rural Victoria they often run 24/7 less 2 10 minute stops in the paddock to refuel and swap drivers. this happens multiple times a year as the work often has to be done to fit in with the weather.  I think it will be a fair while before electric tractors can handle this sort of work.  

The bigger issue at the moment is the lack of electricity to cope with summer with brown outs/blackouts becoming common in hot weather as the air-conditioning systems cool the inside of buildings and transfer the heat outside into the concrete jungle.  My area is a net exporter of electricity in summer due to the number of solar panels and amount of sunlight we get meaning they are usually generating full power.  Therefore we are unlikely to suffer a brown out as that would reduce the power available elsewhere in the state as they need a trickle of power off the grid to keep the inverters working so they can export the generated power elsewhere (just as a vehicle alternator needs some power in to generate much more power out).  Also electricity isn't cheap here making the economics of an electric vehicle less viable.

I am not against electric vehicles just realise they are not the cure-all some people think they are
I think things like tractors, boats and planes are still along way off using alt energy sources (what ever that is). There will be some exceptions like that short commercial flight in Scotland that is going electric, that's because it works there.

However I ridden an electric snow mobile (prototype's used in a tourist business to test them), they work. Not going more than 40km from charging station, its fine, faster and quieter than petrol and no pollution when following behind. They do however need to be parked on charging stations over night to keep the battery warm, you cannot leave for long-periods.

Electric motor cross bikes, just watched Top Gear test them, as someone who lived on an acerage and had to put up with the Motor bike noise going through the power line corridor all weekend, thank F%$#$, the sooner the better. They also are faster, more torquey, lower centre of gravity, no dirty plugs, carbie issues etc etc. Again, unless going long distances, they work and most people can use them.

Electric cars, realistically with the battery technology available today, expanded fast charger network like many OS countries have, if rolled out to most models, 90% of car owners wouldn't even notice an impact on their driving experience. Most people just think it will. Don't believe me, in 10 years time, you won't have much choice.

Trucks and buses I think are best on H2.

So by 2050,
- most Coal power stations closed
- Gas power stations running more efficienctly than today and used less often
- roof top solar mostly standard on any structure
- many trucks/buses on H2,
- +85% of the cars/light vehicles on Electric
- increased use of PT
- and ideally a return to electric traction for some freight trains,

we pretty much have most of the CO2 issues covered. The O&G industry will not shut down, there is still huge demand for non-fuel use of hydro carbons such a plastics, PVC etc.

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