Level Crossing Removal for Ferguson Street Williamstown

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  YM-Mundrabilla Minister for Railways

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Don't forget:
Williamstown is a sacred site for Labor governments.
Both Premiers Kirner and Bracks lived there?
The fledgling and virtually anonymous Transport Minister represents Williamstown?
Lynn Koski represented an adjacent electorate?

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  Rossco T Chief Train Controller

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The fledgling and virtually anonymous Transport Minister represents Williamstown?
That fledgling and virtually anonymous Transport Minister as well as her anonymous cousin the Minister for Roads have now been replaced by a single Minister for both portfolios.  Let's hope the new Minister has a bigger profile.

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And I meant to write Williamstown**

Did you also mean to write Craigieburn Question

The Vinelander
Yes I made a spelling error, sorry!
  Lad_Porter Chief Commissioner

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Further details including the way it will be replaced.  


Still believe this is a complete waste of money for the 6 trains per hour.
It's only 2 trains per hour at Lilydale and Mooroolbark but they're removing the crossings there, the same thing happened with Bayswater's two crossings despite having the same hopeless train frequency (likewise with the Upfield line which isn't much better). At least if level crossings are being removed across the board it leaves more space to work with for future upgrades (such as track duplication and more trains), and a few less Darwin Awards to give away.
Just a minor point, but it's not two trains per hour - it's two per hour in each direction, and that's outside the peak hours when there are more.  At some point in the future, there's rumoured to be a 20 minute OP service (like at weekends now).  Lilydale has the extra factor of being a terminating station at the end of a single track, meaning that Down arrivals and Up departures will occur within a few minutes of each other.  Bayswater had additional trains because of movements in and out of the maintenance facility.  And, as at Bayswater, it's not really about how many trains there are but more about improving traffic flow on the roads.

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