Regional Rail Revival - Geelong / Warrnambool Line Projects

  Nightfire Minister for Railways

Location: Gippsland
Will Camperdown lose It's crossing loop ? It would seem so.

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  Djebel Junior Train Controller

Will it hurt anything to leave it in place?  Crossing freights, storage, etc.
  kuldalai Chief Commissioner

Will it hurt anything to leave it in place?  Crossing freights, storage, etc.
Heres the deal Camperdown is slow and short for crossing trains.

With the new crossing loops at Waurn Ponds, Warncoort (Existing) and  Boorcan the pass sections are basically 50 mins apart.
These days as far as possible you keep crossing loops away from stations.

The double loop at Boorcan with a centre crossover and effectively 500m in clear at East end, and 1200m in clear in the West End is designed to allow the PM Up Freight to put away in the long West end anc cross The PM Up Pass with the existing 1707 Dn altered to run earlier departing Southern Cross before 1600.

In the am the first Down can cross the second Up at Boorcan running to an earlier time out of Warrnmabool.

The Train Orders go and are replaced by  CTC which will speed things up a lot. It is believed taht follow on moves will be provided for in some sections, with provision follow on moves in all sections both  Up & Down eventually.

Again we cut corners with this project that the Up end junction at Warrnmabool is NOT incorporated within the CTC signalling syste.  The CTC signalling will utilize a fibre optic cable installed in the corridor some years ago by Victrack.

One doesnt keep crossing loops at places like Camperdown when the three evenly spaced loops and CTC can easily handle all forseeable traffic, plus allow for freight trains of 900m and even up to 1200m .
  Nightfire Minister for Railways

Location: Gippsland
Would signaling within Warrnambool yard limit be a separate future project associated with train stabling works ?

Locals are very upset that pedestrian access across the tracks at the Up end of the yard was closed off a year or so ago, and there are no plans to reinstate the crossing (It was an uncontroled maintenance crossing without any formal pedestrian pathway)
  BigShunter Chief Commissioner

Location: St Clair. S.A.
Just spotted this video......... don't blink too much or you'll miss it.

Warrnambool Line Upgrade and Waurn Ponds Station upgrade works.


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