Nillumbik councillor says Diamond Creek sky rail can solve traffic woes

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  hbedriver Chief Train Controller

Lowering either the railway or road would create much entertainment at times. The water laps the railway ballast in several places during the 1 in 100 year floods.

I have seen four of these floods while living in the area (or 5, but I’m not counting floods a month apart as 2). Does that mean that I am 412 years old?

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  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Norda Fittazroy
Having worked in the pump industry for nearly 51 years, I can tell you that the "1 in 100 year" flood is the greatest load of rubbish ever fed to the public. I have lived through 5 or 6 of them.
Some people, however, seemed to believe it. Years ago, I had a quotation request from a Consulting Engineer for flood mitigation pumps for the basement of an apartment block. The specified flow rates were so high that I rang him to check. His reply was that he was designing for the "1 in 100" year flood. I asked him just where he intended to pump such an amount of water and he said rather angrily "Storm water drains, of course". As gently as I could, I enquired of him whether it was just possible that we would be having a flood because the storm water drains were already overflowing. Try as I might, I could not make him understand this and he became very abusive. I wonder what he's doing now.
  EmrldPhoenix Station Master

Location: Melbourne, VIC
1-in-100 year floods are a misnomer. They don't actually occur once every hundred years. Rather, a 1-in-100 flood indicates a 1% chance of flooding of a given magnitude in any given year.

Practical Engineering on YouTube has a good video about this.

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