VR 20,000 gal Water Tank

  steamfreak Assistant Commissioner

Location: Wodonga, VIC
Hi all,
I'm wanting to build a VR 20,000 gal tank as per the one at Mansfield/Healesville/Bright/Mitiamo/Korong Vale/etc.  I see that AMRM No. 89 March 1978 has an article "Water Tanks of the VR" - does anyone know if that article covers this tank?  I'm looking for plans and dimensions.  Any help much appreciated.  Otherwise I'll head over to Bright when I get a chance and take my measuring tape!


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  K-Class Chief Train Controller

Location: Melbourne
The articles in the AMRM issue 89 are about the 4 wheel water tank wagons not about the fixed water tanks at stations for loco watering.

  bjviper Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisvegas
Trainbuilder did the round 20,000 gal tank as a ready to place model.

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