Passenger rail would put recovery on right track

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Are you suggesting looking at this again would be a bad idea ?

Track quality has improved a lot since the network went back to the government after PN ran it into the ground.

Rail Travel does not always need to be the gayest way and the train would allow intermediate towns to benefit. Are stations still in existence on the mainline between Burnie and Hobart ?
Looking at it again needs to acknowledge why it wasn't proceeded with in the past as the first step. The first step will have costs in doing so, but also the biggest issue is lack of population. Greater Hobart, which covers the bulk of the population of the southern part of the state has less than 250,000 people and what is being proposed is not a commuter line, but rather 1 once a day service for a small number of people that actually walk on the ferry.

While the line is in better condition, its only been upgraded for its current sole traffic and that's freight travelling at less than 80km/h. Even if significant realignment wasn't done apart from maybe a few easy low cost wins, passenger trains would spend most of their time below 70km/h. Nothing this, show their be money available there are some substantial sections of long straight track such as for 40 km east of Deloraine and around 50km or so south of Western Junction where 120km/h would be possible.  

West of Devonport I think is so expensive to upgrade it won't happen even in the best case scenario.

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