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Found this little gem today

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Found this little gem today


From 2:59 you can see the hump controller's panel. Pity it's a bit dark. The hump is well out of use by this date.

From the left you can see the controls for the moves up from the Arrival yard. The rows of brown radio buttons are the manual control for the individual retarders. The white switches in the tracks right are the manual controls for the points in the leads to the balloons - they are used when it is necessary for the trimmer to go somewhere. From memory, the sliders at the far right provide some manual control over how full each road is.

From 3:22 it shows you the West Tower panel with the controls on the desk and the indications on a big free standing display behind. The white panel was the new South Dynon panel, which replaced the old panel in South Kensington box in . The right hand end is West Footscray, then the dual gauge back towards Melbourne, with Sims St junction and the South Dynon triangle just to the left of centre.

From 3:35 it shows you the auxiliary part of the hump controller's panel. I'm fairly sure the thing at the top left at 3:35 is the paper tape reader for the cut list. The push buttons to the right are a telephone concentrator (? I think), and the funky multi selection switches seen around 3:42 are the radio system controls for the two Hump locos.

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