NSWR's PLUME Vacuum Oil Tankers

  TedFreeman Junior Train Controller

Location: Toowoomba, Queensland
I am after photos, dimensional drawings, anything to do with PLUME Vacuum Oil Tankers that ran on the NSW Railways.

Any assistance appreciated.
Ted (Teditor) Freeman.

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  allan Chief Commissioner

I can see this being a frustrating search. "Plume" was a brand name used by Vacuum Oil (and its successors) from the 1930s. Wagons were owned, or hired by Vacuum Oil. If practice in NSW was the same as here, in SA, only some Vacuum Oil tanks carried branding, or advertising. Your process will have to be to find photographs of the "branded" cars and then determine the type of wagon from the photos. If you can see the serial number, or if the wagon is one of a large group, that may not be too hard, but, if otherwise, it will be very difficult. Do you have any idea of when the promotion of the "Plume" brand finished? I suspect that it was well before 1960...

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