Demise of Australian Model Engineering Magazine

  TomBTR Chief Train Controller

Location: near Sydney
I was sad to learn last week that the current issue (214) of AME is the last. For 20 years I enjoyed finding the magazine in our letterbox six times a year. No doubt in due course we shall learn why it had to close with so little warning.

Facebook is blamed for attracting authors who would otherwise contributed to a printed journal. In my opinion all recent issues of AME have still been full of interesting editorial and advertising. I can understand the satisfaction that comes from immediate publication on-line. However, for all the usual reasons, I don’t like Facebook. Also, because most Facebook material does not have a conventional URL, it is not always accessible via the usual search engines

This Railpage miniature railway forum has been quiet for the last few years but all the useful material from the early years is still here, and Google searches will find them. So I suggest that anyone who would have submitted an article to AME consider posting it here as well as, or instead of, Facebook.

Another alternative is the technical pages of SMEX which are also useful and accessible. I hope that it is just a coincidence that SMEX stopped working last week (“undergoing maintenance”).

Anyway, best wishes to all for the New Year


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