Metro Trains to cut jobs despite COVID aid

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  8502 Locomotive Driver

On what basis would the government need to approve any redundancies when considering the company has received much financial support from the Victorian Government.   I cannot imagine the union will be very happy with this nor the government.

Metro Trains to cut jobs despite COVID aid

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  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
It sure is disappointing when you read stuff like that especially when a company has received a lot of handout money.
  BrockKennedy Beginner

I think it's wrong, especially at a time like this !
  justapassenger Minister for Railways

On what basis would the government need to approve any redundancies …
Avoiding the need to get involved in unpopular decisions like that would be first among the reasons that the Andrews Government gave MTM another contract.

Government cuts jobs, stakeholders (voters) are offended and there may be effects at the next election (or preselection).

Corporation cuts jobs, stakeholders (shareholders, chief among which is the Communist Party of China) rejoice and give the management a pat on the back.
  Lockie91 Assistant Commissioner

Can we all just take a moment to read what is actually going on. You'll need to remove the foam of the Hun and the hyperbole of the RTBUA.

'train operator is considering redundancies'

'scrapping 10 passenger service lead roles, with less than 30 positions expected to be affected'

'Changes to the placement and number of station master roles at 28 of Metro’s 222 stations are under consideration.'

'station employees in passenger service roles were not affected.'

'impacted employees will be considered for redeployment to alternative roles'

Thats better, sounds like Metro is moving a few station masters around and redeploying them. If they don't want to redeploy they are required to be offered redundancies as part of their EBA.

The only person screaming redundancy at the top of her lungs is Luba Grigorovitch.

How this has warranted its own thread is beyond me. Put down the Hun people.


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