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Location: Melbourne, Australia
Welcome to the Australian Miniature Railways Forum.

Feel free to talk about all scales, all gauges, all clubs or individual interests in relation to miniature Railways. As to defining what is a model, a  miniature and what is a real railway - I'll leave it open enough for you to decide.

Let us know what is happening with your loco, or club.

As per Railpage guidlelines we do not encourage any extensive bashing of any club and hope we can all share the hobby together.

Like any forum the information here is related to the skills of the participants. If you ask a question and get no reply - chances no one here knows......

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  43class Station Master

Thanks David.
As a relatively new member of Railpage Australia™ this morning was my first look at miniature rail, I find it a most interesting and quite addictive hobby, though never built one as such, have put my hand to some scratch built models over the years.(only one model loco 2 6 2 as in model for display not fired as such as to run.
I have made plenty of 1/8 scale trucks with working suspension detailed interiors, so on. What I'm trying to say is just because I haven't yet done a working miniature rail model does not mean I ain't interested.
Thanks for the welcome, look forward to my stay here
43class  Very Happy

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