Quorn - Woolshed Flat

  wood_22 Chief Train Controller

I am looking for people who are interested in a trainz Quorn to Woolshed Flat ... and beyond being built. Will it be worth my effort i build it?

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  S 301 Chief Commissioner

Location: in front of the computer
I say yes please. But if you do just take your time.
  railrattler Assistant Commissioner

Location: South Australia
I doubt anyone would say no!

Might be worth while checking out ds1's website, he has just posted some DEM and Tiger data for all of Australia, and I think they are working on a tutorial (if they manage to import it and its of a a decent standard).

With the week off I will be checking in on this.
  Hairyman Chief Train Controller

Location: Corowa, NSW, Australia
you got a link to ds1's website ??
  railrattler Assistant Commissioner

Location: South Australia
Latest news is that it appears that a 3 second DEM is being sorted, which is perfect for Trainz as it will have height changes of every 10 metres. It appears that Community member 'fishlipsatwork' (who produces US DEM) is going to be taking requests for Aussie DEM when the DEM data is sorted out.

Check this thread for details:http://forums.auran.com/TRS2004/forum/showthread.php?s=e0d48ac0bbde5f64dcb692d5ea7ba7b1&threadid=69833

And ds1's website: http://trainz-vr.com/vr/
  wood_22 Chief Train Controller

Work has currantly stopped on the line as my transfer from Trainz to TRS2004 has stuffed up, with TRS2004 working until I installed the service packs. once sorted i will begin work again.
  pb15_738 Junior Train Controller

Location: Well, I wonder... pretty obvious, in front of a bloody computer! QLD
Go for it!!
So wanna see this on the download station!
  sarail Chief Commissioner

Location: Redwood Park, Adelaide, South Australia
Its funny you say that the transfer stuffed up marcus, a similar thing happened to a friend when he installed SP1 - there must be a bug that Auran havent picked up yet.
  railrattler Assistant Commissioner

Location: South Australia
If you are having troubles applying the service packs, I'd suggest backing up any downloads and custom stuff (maps etc) to somewhere like My Documents, uninstalling TRS2004 completely, do a clean install, apply patches and then copy content back into correct areas.
  wood_22 Chief Train Controller

IT WORKS!!! after about 10 re-installs it finally works.
progress will be slow over the next month as i am completing yr 12. gotta sort out which is more important, Trainz or school.
  robbie_the_dips Assistant Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
cmon, we all know there is no real future in school  Laughing
  wood_22 Chief Train Controller

i'll upload some pictures soon, as school is out of the way now.yay!!!! Very Happy
  GNR10 Chief Commissioner

Which period is it being modeled in?

Is there NSU/SA NG stock for trainz?
  wood_22 Chief Train Controller

Its really todays line but with more sets of points then currant yard, although were there years ago.
There is no NG SA stock for Trainz as far as i know. the closest thing i have found is the TRS 2004 QR C16. it is a very similar to the QR C17 which the design was used by commonwealth railways to build their NM class steam locomotives. There is also the up and coming Brill railcar being created currently which would fit in nicely. Any 3D modelers out there who would give it a try? NT's and NSU's are very basic designs, and i'd imagine not really hard to make.

The best so far, i run QR C16 + 6 or 7 SAR 313 baggage cars, or the QR C16 with some SAR freight.
  GNR10 Chief Commissioner

Does Trainz have NG track? and are Trainz routes compatible with Trainz 2004?
  spottyrahr Chief Commissioner

yes and yes

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