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  F224 Chief Train Controller

Location: Para Hills West SA
This forum has been created as a place for discussions about all Australian things Trainz.

For technical help and product support with Auran products, visit their website: http://www.auran.com/trainz

The following rules apply to all Train Simulator Forums

1. Post in the relevant forum.

2. Flaming, trolling, swearing and general abuse are not acceptable.

3. Excessive amounts of "Will someone make ..." posts will not be tolerated and will be deleted by moderators.

4. Do not harrass other users by sending them excessive amounts of personal messages. Allow at least a week for a response before resending a personal message.

5. Do not constantly post messages asking for updates on models. Designers are becoming very annoyed with some of the users on these forums and excessive numbers of these posts will be deleted immediately.

6. There are users in these forums who have criticised such things as author restrictions on 3rd party repaints or non-3D cabs. Freeware models are obviously FREE and are provided for your enjoyment. If you have a problem with one, then go and make it yourself. Any post containing non-constructive criticism of a freeware model will be deleted immediately.

7. Any "MSTS vs Trainz" (or any other Simulators) threads or posts will be deleted immediately.

8. Do not place more than 3 smilies in any post.

9. Quote only relevant sections of previous posts.

10. Discussions about other Rail Simulators (other than MSTS which has it's own Forums) is welcome here within the same rules.

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