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Following several posts of a commercial nature, I would like to set out the forum rules on advertising.

What is allowed:
- Private and personal "for sale" items of a railway or tramway nature, e.g. books, models, builder's plates, memorabilia, etc. Keep them in the relevant areas, e.g. model railway items on the Model Railways forum. Pointers to online auction sites are permitted. For single items, it is heplful to remove your post once the item is sold.
- Announcements of events by not-for-profit railway and tramway organisations, including tours, exhibitions, conventions, swap meets, open days, etc. This includes charity and other community organisations chartering a train as a fundraiser.
- One off commercial announcements by for-profit organisations (e.g. book publishers, model railway suppliers) provided they have first sought permission of The Management.

What is not allowed:
- For-profit commerical postings without permission.
- Advertising by proxy, i.e. for people who don't use this forum.
- Advertisements for items unrelated to railways or tramways.
- Excessive advertisements for anything.

If in doubt, email before posting.


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