a CLP17, anyone ?

  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Out of the blue, a great loco is for sale :

EDIT: the owner had second thoughts about showing it online, so contact me if yoiu are seriously interested, or if your club gets Diamond Rails, due out in 2-3 weeks....

It is the CLP as many would have seen in AMR.

Just heard. Sad

David Head

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  Sammy D Chief Commissioner

Location: Melbourne, Victoria
The loco is very nice looking and it did quite well when At DVR last time it was there tripple heading with the Y and X didn't it david?
  Hairyman Chief Train Controller

Location: Corowa, NSW, Australia
I'm slightly interested. do you have a link or can you email me a pic with a few details
  mattrawls Chief Train Controller

Location: Newport Workshops (Steamrail)

SRV & AMR member
  nazarail Chief Commissioner

Location: Between BN 80 UL and BN 87 UL
mmmm a clp in the nazarail fleet!
ill go with that can you send me some pics and an a price your looking for!


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