(Vic) Bulla Hill Railway/TLSS

  The Fat Controller Chief Train Controller

Location: Macedon, Victoria
G'day folks,
                Just wanted to say thanks to the guys and gals @ BHR/TLSS. Took the little girl up there on Sunday and she had a great time. An excellent layout and well run. Again, thanks for the fun (I think I had just as much as she did!!!) and keep up the good work. Cheers,


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  SR&RL No18 Station Staff

Location: Latrobe Valley
Yes I too had a great day and night. The people at Tulamarine were very welcoming and helpful.
During the Evening we had a chance to run in reverse which was great.
Being able to camp there for the night was terrific too as I have a fairly long drive back to Gippsland.

Thanks Tullamarine for a great day !!  Very HappyVery Happy

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