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Hi all,

I have noticed some people at this forum are virtually flooding the board with posts about what they are going to make with no actual evidence of progress. Therefore, I'll have to start being a bit more strict to ensure that this forum remains a useful source of info. Here are some new rules about announcing projects:

1. Only start one thread about your project.
2. Keep all updates about your project in the same thread.
3. If your project is related to the topic under discussion in another thread, a small number of posts about your project will be permitted.
4. Excessive posting announcing that you intend to make something with no evidence of progress will be deleted.

I'm not trying to discourage creativity or enthusiasm here. However, some people here do need to practice some self control when advertising their projects. Excessive posting with little or no news to report only annoys other users. General discussion is fine. Excessive posts about one topic are not.

If you have any problems or comments with this, please post them here Smile

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