Belmont Line

  Rob Locomotive Fireman

I was up in Newcastle last weak and noticed that the upper part of the old Belmont line has been tarred over as a cycle/walking track.

I was busy so I didn't get a real good look.   I did notice that the track still crosses the road near St Puis X High, then the new tarred path sweeps over the track.  It looks like the track is buried under the asphalt.

I don't know how far down the line the path goes, or whether the tunnel under the Pacific Highway has reopned.

When I checked out the line in detail in Nov 2001, the tunnel was closed due to an 'accident' of some sort - no further explanation on the sign, and the track was still in place until Whitebridge (I think).

The line detoriorates badly toward Belmont, with very little still present.  Some clue to the one time station at Bemont is 'Railway St'.

It is a pity that they have tarred over it - perhaps one day they could have reopned the line, even as a tramway - there is a lot of new housing development out there.

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  Se7en Locomotive Fireman

Location: Hornsby NEW SOUTH WALES
See Lake Maquarie Council webstie
  Iain Chief Commissioner

Location: Concord, NSW
I can assure you that after about 5 or 6 years Fernliegh tunnel (the one under the Pacific highway) has reopened.

The tunnel has been steam cleaned revealing interesting early 1970s graffitti including a KISS logo (the obsene ones were reoved). This graffiti has been preserved.

The tunnel is partlially lined with a concrete lining as the original brick lining was severely deteriorated and needed to be replaced. The rails have been removed and a walk/cycleway was installed as the Oh & S people didnt line the concept of the steel rails being in the floor of the tunnel because bike riders could slip and injure themselves.  

I was contract by Council to provide heritage advice on the project
  Steamy Beginner

Location: Newcastle
It's been about 6 years since I rode along the line on a pushy and the line was intact up to a point between Whitebridge and Redhead. The rails ended just around the bend before where the old junction was into Lambton B Colliery at Redhead.

The rails have been lifted in most parts where the cycleway is, and only left in certain areas.

  freightgate Minister for Railways

Location: Albury, New South Wales
What was the main traffic on the Belmont line?  Where did it branch and why was it closed?
  duttonbay Minister for Railways

What was the main traffic on the Belmont line?  Where did it branch and why was it closed?

Coal.  Branched at Adamstown (southern end of Broadmeadow yard).  Closed when the collieries closed - or switched to motor transport.

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